Life Should Be Homemade

Life Should Be Homemade...

... and I can show you how!

About Betsy

I grew up in a small town in Iowa where homemade was a way of life. My dream was to own a bakery, so after years as a lawyer... I did it. I opened Baked by Betsy and ran it for many years. And I loved it. But after years of not seeing my family very much, I decided that needed to come first. Not a week goes by that someone doesn't ask me to bake for them. And while I could do that... I would rather teach you how to make your own homemade treats. I hope this site and my videos help you create great treats and even better memories with family and friends. ​ So please... check out my 'Blog' page with videos on how to make different homemade treats, and find the recipes on the 'Recipes' page. I think so many people are afraid to try to bake for fear that they will fail. I hope these videos give you the confidence to try. I promise you these will taste great! Be daring... and give it a try!